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“Ashland Amber” from Caldera Brewing Company (Ashland)

Cans? As the first Oregon craft brewery to use them, Caldera stands out in the city of glass that is the beer section. Cans have become trendy, yet retro, appealing to can-loving fisherman and active folk alike. This one looks … Continue reading

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“Hop In The Dark Cascadian Dark Ale” from Deschutes Brewery (Bend)

Coming at you like Jubelale’s soft-spoken cousin from the moon-shadowed hinterlands, this “CDA” is so good it nearly left me with nothing cute to say. Yes, it does remind me of the aforementioned Christmas love-juice—but its ultra-subtle smokey malt flavor … Continue reading

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“S1nistor Black Ale” from 10 Barrel Brewing Co. (Bend)

Imagine a mild porter cut with a few ounces of malty lager. That’s what you have here. Overall, I’m unimpressed with these novelty “black” ales that keep cropping up – and this one’s not even black, it’s a very dark … Continue reading

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“Survival 7-Grain Stout” from Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland)

Get ready for a double-shot of shit! This did-they-taste-it-first? organic/sustainable concoction could have come from moldy compost buckets inside the dilapidated shed of some Carhartt-wearing neo-hippie. But it didn’t. It came from an actual brewery – and this saddens me. … Continue reading

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“Brown Eyes Ale” from Silver Moon Brewing (Bend)

You know pretty much what you’re going to get with a bottle of wine. Everything is categorized and described, down to the variety of grapes used, to the region where they were grown. The only question mark is whether it … Continue reading

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“Spring Reign Ale” from Ninkasi Brewing Company (Eugene)

When a brewery’s mildest beer is an IPA in all but the name it says something about that brewery. Indeed, if this were any other company, the seasonal Spring Reign would’ve been called 24-carat IPA or Hopopotamus (or any other … Continue reading

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“Believer Double Red Ale” from Ninkasi Brewing Company (Eugene)

To Eugenians, Ninkasi is the new Nike. Founded in 2006, it has quickly grown into a northwest beer powerhouse, offering bold, original interpretations of standard varieties. Even their labels stand out, ensnaring the eye with hitherto unused pastels and bright, … Continue reading

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“Pin-up Porter” from Southern Oregon Brewing Co. (Medford)

This deep black porter looks beautiful in the glass. And after the first taste, I had to double-check that it wasn’t a stout. It wasn’t—but its pang of dark molasses and toasted seaweed-like saltiness riding a tide of bitter malt … Continue reading

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“20-inch Brown Ale” from Cascade Lakes Brewing Company (Redmond)

Mmmmm… This is one of the best brown ales I’ve tasted. Overcoming the dreaded fish-on-the-label curse suffered by several heinously bad beers, from Hamm’s to Schmidt’s, this mild (5.3% ABV) yet complex beer captures the malty nuttiness and subtle sweetness … Continue reading

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“Worker’s Pale Ale” from Walkabout Brewing Co. (Central Point)

With expectations lowered by the ubiquitous and frequently mediocre pale ale, I wasn’t expecting much from this five-and-a-half-percent, quasi-government brochure labeled offering. But this one surprised me. Like any pale ale, it tenders a mild, malty sweetness. Yet, a faint … Continue reading

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