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“Ginger Beer” from Caldera Brewing Company (Ashland)

If you don’t like ginger, you’ll probably skip this one—but a message for you ginger-haters: first, you’re dumb for not liking ginger since it’s one of the most versatile and delicious substances around, and second, while this beer is certainly … Continue reading

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“IPA” from Caldera Brewing Company (Ashland)

This is the beer equivalent to a paperback novel about a homicidal clown. Let me explain. As an IPA, I’m obligated to compare it with its hops-rich, tongue-stupefying namesakes. But this doesn’t seem appropriate here. Imagine a Stephen King novel … Continue reading

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“Ashland Amber” from Caldera Brewing Company (Ashland)

Cans? As the first Oregon craft brewery to use them, Caldera stands out in the city of glass that is the beer section. Cans have become trendy, yet retro, appealing to can-loving fisherman and active folk alike. This one looks … Continue reading

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