About The Oregon Beer Blog

The Pacific Northwest is to quality beer what Napa Valley is to wine. From Seattle to Northern California (and Colorado) there is a growing awareness of, and investment in, craft brewing. This small but expanding movement of eclectic individuals who value quality and variety over inexpensiveness and accessibility has become a vibrant part of the regional culture. Arguably, the heart of this movement pulses most heavily through the state of Oregon. From its hops wonderland in Marion County to its multitude of brewpubs and craft breweries, Oregon is the closest thing to a beer lover’s paradise. The abundance of great beer in Eugene (where I currently live) alone can be overwhelming – in the way Santa leaves too many presents under the tree! It’s my goal to sort through and report on this growing movement. I also intend to state my impressions of Oregon beer (and beer events) and I encourage anyone who wants to (or who’s drunk enough) to do the same. Leave a comment. Feel free to disagree! This is a Democracy after all.


3 Responses to About The Oregon Beer Blog

  1. Kandra Newell says:

    I look forward to tipping a few back with you. Maybe it will change my mind about beer in general. We can ‘break the seal’ and catch a whiff!

    Nice descriptions, easy reading, and witty. Nice blog with nice pictures. (Perhaps different lager glasses and tablecloths? Children modeling bottles like Vanna White? Kittens sneaking a sip when you aren’t looking? Wife giving you ‘the look’. Oh forget it, I like the simplicity you’ve achieved!)

  2. Owen Osterhouse says:

    I love, love, love your blog! It makes me want to run out to the store and buy all sorts of new brews! Keep up the stellar commentary!

  3. Helena says:

    Love the blog! Nice concept. One thing I really miss about Oregon…..the BEER!

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