“Steam Fired Stout” from Fire Mountain Brew House (Carlton)

Supposedly, Oregon harbors 67 (probably more) hops-obsessed, dangerously thirst-quenching sects, where groups of like-minded workers toil contentedly in secret dank chambers, churning out, like pot-bellied alchemists, the liquid gold that we seek. But, alas, through the arcane manipulations of the yeasty quicksilver, a much more powerful elixir of blackened hue and syrupy form poureth forth. The Steam Fired Stout is but one manifestation of said dark beverages. Sweet molasses melds with deep, rich chocolate and hints of vanilla, with a mild underpinning of bitterness. At 7.6% ABV, it offers a fine kick after dinner, or before church. Sweet tooths, this one’s for you; but its many flavor depths will bedazzle anyone who drinks it.

Grade: 8.5/10

Learn more at: (sorry, no website yet)

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