“IPA” from Caldera Brewing Company (Ashland)

This is the beer equivalent to a paperback novel about a homicidal clown. Let me explain. As an IPA, I’m obligated to compare it with its hops-rich, tongue-stupefying namesakes. But this doesn’t seem appropriate here. Imagine a Stephen King novel read by a professor of literature: it’s so easy to read, the words falling hypnotically off the page, boasting a complex, imaginative plot and expert characterization—and yet, it’s not technically literature. This beer is not “technically” IPA—it’s too mellow and so drinkable you almost feel guilty. Delicate floral hops join a pleasant guava-like sweetness, with just a pinch of bitterness. I love it! If it were called anything else it would rate a ten.

Grade: 9/10

Learn more at: http://www.calderabrewing.com/

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