“Dead Guy Ale” from Rogue Ales (Newport)

After Widmer hefeweizen and all things Deschutes, Dead Guy is one of the most ubiquitous Oregon beers out there. As such, it’s an innocuous, if not poor, representation of Oregon and Rogue’s oeuvre, which is generally excellent across the board. Don’t let the pseudo-Día de los Muertos label fool you, this is amber ale brewed to please the masses. A slightly sour malty/yeasty flavor permeates notes of watery honey. Also, it tends to pour rather flat—but in a pinch, faced with the twin evils of Buttwiper and M(K)iller, go with the bones.

Grade: 7.5/10

Learn more at: http://www.rogue.com/

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One Response to “Dead Guy Ale” from Rogue Ales (Newport)

  1. Dave Horalek says:

    Additionally, the bottle works well for breaking over the head of an obnoxious frat guy at 2 in the morning walking home from Horsehead. I’m just sayin…

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