“Brown Eyes Ale” from Silver Moon Brewing (Bend)

You know pretty much what you’re going to get with a bottle of wine. Everything is categorized and described, down to the variety of grapes used, to the region where they were grown. The only question mark is whether it will be “good” wine or if it’ll taste like the piss of horses who got into a berry patch. With beer, you have the term “Ale” being applied to a thousand and one unique brews. Ale is a catchall in the United States, meaning: not lager. But this is a good thing. It means that the incredible variety resulting from the disparate nature of beer far exceeds the established categories and styles utilized as marketing schemes. The limited release Brown Eyes is a good example of this. First taste offers hints of hard apple cider and a carefully maintained bitterness that helps to balance the fruity sweetness. Second taste reveals whiskey-like flavors and an appealing sweet ‘n’ sour combination that veers rather closely—and approvingly—near barley wine territory. This would make a great after-dinner or dessert beer. It also offers further proof that you can’t judge a beer by its title.

Grade: 9/10

Learn more at: http://www.silvermoonbrewing.com/index.html

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